Innovation in 

non-face-to-face customer service. 

OntactVision is an Innovate customer service platform that can deliver familiarity to customers through digital human based on realistic content technology. 

Features of OntactVision

OntactVision connects customers and administrators in real-time to deliver non-face-to-face customer service such as visiting customer centers.  

Digital human

Turn administrators into fully digital human characters with superior facial motion tracking technology.

Provide friendliness

Through the guide that featured the character, the customer can feel familiarity and satisfaction.

Interactive guidance

We can deliver real-time information to customers so they don't have to struggle looking for information in kiosks.

Integrated Information Center

We provide information services for your company through the integrated information center.

Jellypunch pursues non-face-to-face service content.

Develop non-face-to-face service contents that make people convenient.  

Business Areas

Digital human

Develops characters that can enhance customer satisfaction through facial motion tracking technology.


Non-face-to-face customer service

Customer-friendly service solution based on realistic content technology.

VR/AR Content

Based on the technology that developed the world's first commercialized VR karaoke contents, it leads virtual reality contents.